By: Samantha and Sofia Rico


Google is a navigator that everyone uses every time when they need to find or search for something it was created by Larry page and Serguei Brin and became very popular nowadays everyone use it.
But Google is not only full of information there are also some tricks in Google and here are some tricks.

What are the tricks of google?

1.Do a barrel roll: If you write the words “Do a barrel roll” the whole screen will turn 360 degrees

2.Google gravity: Search Google gravity then you click on the first search result and the whole screen will fall to the ground.

3.Google in 1998: Search the word “Google in 1998” and this will automatically take you to the Google page at that time.

4.Zerg rush: Search “Zerg rush” and you enter among a lot of small letters o they will begin to destroy the whole screen and your mission will be to destroy them by clicking repeatedly on it to end their life.

5.Atari breakout: Write the words Atari breakout and click on images and that will transform your screen into a huge old game where you just have to move the bar at the bottom to avoid dropping the ball.

6.Google Pacman: Search Google Pacman and the game will appear.

7.What sound does a dog make: Just look for “what sound does a dog make” and a list of animals will appear with each sound of them.

8.Thanos: First you go to Google and you put thanos then your going to see his glove you click it and it will make things disappear.

9.El mago de Oz: It's like the Thanos one you click the shoes and it will take you to the same page but black and white then you click the tornado and it will get back to normal.

10.Pointer pointer pointer: First you search Pointer pointer pointer and click on the first option it appears and it will bring you to a webpage that anywhere the moes is it will point at it

11.Spiner: You search Spiner in Google at it will show you a wheel that has number it's useful if you need a wheel but you don't have one at home it also has a option of a fidget spiner and you can spin it for fun.

12.Blink HTML: Type "Blink HTML" and press the magnifying glass, you will discover that something starts to flash on your screen.

13. "The answer to life, the universe, and everything": Search "The answer to life, the universe, and everything"and the Google calculator will tell you that it is "42". It is a reference to the fictional novel
"Guide of the galactic hitchhiker" by Douglas Adam, in which a supercomputer calculates and everything is 42.